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Everyone Else in Fandom: *theorizes, makes awesome graphics, writes amazing fanfic, analyzes source material*

Me: *runs around in circles waving arms until the next episode*

Dear Everyone,


I’m 98.5% certain the woman in the tandem bike photo with Misha is Michelle Rappatoni (aka the second woman’s voice you hear in the Cooking Fast and Fresh with West videos, and the woman in the kimono walking around the tea party video aka NOT Vicki). 


Crisis averted.

Thank you.
Good bye.

I haven’t yet decided whether to ignore any such evidence and live in my own world of fiction and delusion and the truth I choose to believe….

Anonymous asked
what are your thoughts on Cas having his own storyline?





Are you referring to him being thrown aside to deal with heaven in season 10?

I’m pretty much with everyone else when it comes to this discussion. It doesn’t feel like ‘Cas’s own storyline’ to me. it just feels like the writers don’t know where to put him so they’ve decided to put him somewhere where he doesn’t want to be. Out of sight and out of mind. Because god forbid we put him in a situation where he wants to actively help his best friends and be happy for once. 




This whole leading the angels thing is pissing me off too. Jesus. He doesn’t want to be a leader. He doesn’t want to be in charge of heaven. And I feel like they’re just throwing this at Cas and at us to show us that Castiel may not have a choice in this matter. Whether he likes it or not, the Angels are going to look up to him and expect him to show them the way. Regardless of the fact that Cas is much happier with Sam and Dean.





Pretty much, he can be anywhere else but with dean and sam because ‘oh no. dean and Cas have chemistry. and we can’t have that happening! Instead, we’ll have him worry about heaven rather than checking up on how Sam is doing after just having found out that Dean is dead.

If they seriously think that Cas would not help Sam in anyway to save Dean i will flip a damn table. never mind the fact that in previous seasons, Dean’s safety has always been one of cas’s top priorities. jfc.

it’s as if the writers are ruling out all the previous seasons all together for christ sake. “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You." "I’m hunted. I rebelled. And I did it, all of it, for you." "i’m doing this for you, Dean. I’m doing this because of you."I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to keep them away from you."  /insert Metatrons quote about it all being to save Dean Winchester here/ 

And now, I swear i’m not trying to turn this around to make it being all about Destiel. I’m just stating all the canonically proven facts about what Cas cares about most and putting this in to show why Cas’s ‘own story arc’ is the dumbest and out of character shit they can pull. 

Cas helped heaven the best way he can, I know he’s redeeming himself for unintentionally letting the angels fall. but having the angels pull him in and keeping him there to ‘clean up heaven.’ no. fucking no.

clean up your own god damn shit. you guys were the ones having an all out war to see who had the biggest dick. that aftermath isn’t cas’s responsibility. he’s done the best he can for them by stopping metatron. and he has. he did. by helping Sam and Dean. 

And after this goddamn bombshell has been put over his head about Dean, do you seriously think he would prance around cleaning up whatever the fuck they need cleaning up? “Oh but there’s angels on the loose still fighting and causing shit on earth.” “There’s still rogue angels and others that are lost” 

I. don’t. care. why the hell do you need Cas to hold your hand and tell you how to track down some angels. god. are they that incompetent to understand that they can do all of this themselves?? “They don’t understand freewill. they’re dumb” find someone else to do the damn job. bring grabriel back, there’s a huge ass opening for that to happen. 

arghdsgfhsjdlagjlsdag in any case, the way they’re putting Cas into this situation feels forced. unbelievably forced. jesus. we need Ben edlund back. he fucking gets Cas. he understands his character. s8 was god damn beautiful. 

The writers now are just shoving him anywhere and far away from dean and sam to hold off any potential… i don’t even know. to lessen fuel our dean and cas needs I suppose? 

and if that’s the case, then it makes me sad, because in all honestly, I would much rather have dean, cas and sam working together and no romantic relationship whatsoever then the crap they’re putting on us now.

It’s… ugh dfjhgfdjahg it’s not even about destiel at all though, and that’s what frustrates me most. Just give us the trio again, and let us as a fandom enjoy our meta’s and our wonderful wandering minds of things that probably aren’t even there in our own time. 

Don’t separate a wonderful friendship just because you’re scared of how other people see them. We all have our own perspective of the relationships in the show and that’s just how it is. We’ve been happy with the interactions through-out season 4-8 and to rip it all away because of the potential that we saw in those seasons. it’s stupid. it’s fucking stupid. And i’m angry.

end rant.

when it comes to season 10 right now


This explains perfectly how I feel about the whole situation.
Obviously right now we don’t know for absolute sure how the season is going to pan out but if they completely dismiss Cas I will flip shit. The amount of wasted potential that has already gone down on this show needs to stop. Please stop throwing away beautiful story lines and characters.
As it says above, I would definitely rather have the team free will friendship back than any Destiel.
(Sorry for adding my shit to your post)

Don’t be sorry, i’m happy to see any other people’s input. It’s all a very sensitive subject for us in the fandom right now. Because I really feel that if they continue treating Cas the way they are, it’s just proof (to me) that they’re trying anything to keep him in the show just to keep us watching the show.

Because they know that (for a lot of us) Cas is our weakness. And if they kill him off then they would lose a lot of viewers. So the easiest way to make us stay is to at least have him there. But, in the far corner, away from the boys. Not to worry though! They’ll make sure Cas shows up to see sam or dean every seventh episode to say a few lines to keep us placated.

Omg both of your points are so amazing and valid that I just feel like rolling up into a ball and crying. I mean, why must the writers do this to their fanbase? Because seriously, as a destiel shipper I don’t even NEED destiel to actually happen for me to continue watching the show! We have fanfiction for that. Not that destiel wouldn’t be absolutely wonderful, though. No, all that I truly want is to see in the series is Castiel finally being in the presence of his friends again and being happy, and to see him helping Sam with finding Dean because, honestly, after all that they have been through, the two of them freaking deserve it.

Sam is in need of companionship during his time of grieving and it should have been Cas who was with him during this time. As soon as Castiel defeated Metatron, he should have zapped away to Sam’s side, plain and simple. Especially when any other angel could have taken upon Cas’s burden. With how prideful some angels can be, I’m sure there was at least one who could have risen upon the occasion to become a leader. But no, only Cas is capable of doing it, even though his own grace is weakening itself. Why? What makes Cas so special? Sure he has gained humanity, which does in fact distinguish him from most of the angels, but what good is humanity when you are attempting to take back Heaven? Cas does not necessarily have to be in command and I know for a fact that, as a character, he would help out the cause while still attempting to save Dean. All I’m saying now is that the reasoning for it seems stupid to me, and that the writing is becoming more and more… well, to put it frank, shitty. And mean. Like the writers are purposefully putting up a wall between them and pushing Castiel away from the Winchesters.

ALL of this. Every single word.  Yes.

Especially this:
"As soon as Castiel defeated Metatron, he should have zapped away to Sam’s side, plain and simple."

Just yes. Fucking yes.

*cries in corner*















I don’t watch Supernatural and what
The fuck. Is going on.

Oh just your basic demon possession 

hey i’m lillith and ur watchn disney channel




Disney channel better watch the fuck out


The girl who played Lela in the movie “Teen Beach Movie” played the angel Hael (who goes a bit crazy):

And Jessie’s dad (in the show Jessie) wAS DICK FUCKING ROMAN






also he was that one kid who called fred lame in scooby doo but that’s irrelevant

but guys don’t you remember

Carey Martin from The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody


but don’t forget one of the most overlooked ones

the dad on that dumbass show dog with a blog


was the director on the supernatural episode ‘hollywood babylon’


Was everyone from Disney Chanel like ‘Let’s go over to Supernatural.”

Yes. Yes they were…



Poor Adam.

Poor Adam…

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Sun’s coming up - must be time for bed ;-)    #sunrise #nightowl #notreallytired

Sun’s coming up - must be time for bed ;-) #sunrise #nightowl #notreallytired